Approaching a girl…

today i learnt these ttwo things for approaching a girl..

1.While dancing ask her “can i join u” and she will never say no..

2.on special ocassions ask “can i have a pic with u” and she will never say no.After pic u can start introducing urself.



wow.. youth empowerment finally in action in India

Few past years are more concentrated on youth empowerment in india.See how a small tea gathering turns into a group of hundred which is non profit and non-political still ready to affect indian governance.A group of doctors,Engineers,Professors and others.

project-designing vit website,

driven by an inspiration to learn web designing,i decided to design a website which will be handy websites for VITians.My whole learning period will be focussed on designing will be getting following information on this site ..

i will be desinging this in first person because i want to do it all by myself.

1.places i should visit as a vitian .

2.webpages i visit regularly.

3.earning in vit to fund you joyful life. a first year ,things must to do.

5.must see TV shows.

6.your internships.

7.Books to read

and more sub pages will be added..