relation with the universe.

feeling a strong instinct for rising higher unfolding taking place. Universe i am allowing u to make me feel our relation in physical sense. I am enjyoing this very moment of me. I am enjoying allowing ,the relationship with you, combining of ol d experiencec i had. The one of of the eternal mother, that beautiful event on ganesh chaturthu, that guidance by sixth sense and the teaching by you mother. I am enjoying the combination of all.


synchronization of my physiacl self with me

today during meditation, i realized synchronization my physical self with me. What i did different than my daily meditation is that i speaks the affirmation out rather than with in mind. I felt as i am totally a soul with abundnce and purity is interacting with the environment. Also i reached a point in meditaion where i automatically felt that i am on the verge of starting communication with the universe. It was as if universe is ready to hear and reply. I was disturbed as i was having nothing to talk but tomar next time i will be having meditation i will allow universe to do the talking part. i will let it to expand towards me as it was doing it today.

Thank you god for the experience,I am a walking spiritual being on this earth.

balancing between a spiritual and a physical human being

a spiritual being who is infinite, source,resourcefull and miraculous,when lives in this world, every wishes come true and life unfolds miraculously but as we enjoy those manifestations and stop practicing spirituality we become physical being, who slip into fantasy world and start trying to flow faster than downstram energy.

here is a practice to balance between spirual being and physical being.Throught day i will experience a lot of contrast that will create either desire or depression. I have to rememmber that contrast are to deveop desires so that source energy can flow through it. Just let go the whole day thanking for all desires that contrast produces,in the end meditate sitiing with in the sun. As sun is source,pure and purifying,abundand and beautiful,absorb sun’s energy to fell filled,abundand and perfect. Leave the place after feeling abundant and source,

Always remember universe loves you.

vibrational level.

During meditation i realized all those facts that i read in law of attrsction books. While writing this post irealized the same thing that waht it means to vibrarte on particular energy level.Its all about what you feel about your body.If you feel fulled,satisfied and abundant then you are filled,satisfied and abundant.Aloways remember its not you are moving in an environment,its environmrnt moving around stangnat you according to your thoughts.

Felt reliefed during writung this post.

Thank you god.