Finallly, awared about the link between spirituality and law of attraction…

“iigniting the sixth sense” by eric pepin ,confirms once again that whatever i am experiencing during mediation is true. I just need to let the universe flow and enjoy the process outloud. 

spirutality seeker and law of attraction practioner can be directed into new and amazing direction by the logically placed spiritual knowledge. One of my fav. sentence from the book ” u r the conductor of light from the source”


new level of meditation-“krishna”

After progressing through various meditaion development stages i reached the consciousness that what ever i desire is all that ‘lord krishna’ has. So i am meditating in sun learning and becoming krishna. He has everything -he alllows universe to do its part, he knows he himself is a source, he plays with the abundance he has, 

I am letting peace and understanding of Krishna’s qualities emerging in myself. I will have fun with the abundance i have, I will be creative with myself as a source, playful with the universe and allow it, embrace the fear as i progress to become Krishna fully and will say ‘yes’ immediately to what universe offers me as part of my manifestaion and to what i enjoy. I enjoy what i like, i enjoy whom i like, i enjoy what i do and will network like Krishna.


A new chapter in my spiritual development-“belief”

As always i was guided by uiniverse so is this time. My journey has introduced me to the new concept which is known as “belief”. Its the second time i am awared by the power and necessity of belief in miracles. I know alll these i have alredy experienced during my meditaion and the is giving proof that my meditaion journey is on right track.  The link after which i am writing this post is