oh my dear god

m feeling that my worthiness is coming out, i am allowing it to flow through me. I am worthy of all the jobs,to clear all the interviews of package that will all my dreams, that will give the life i choose, i am allowing the process ,i am allowing the process.I am enjoying the process, tell me one thing god when i meditate i enter into calmness and the law of attraction says to enter into joy. Tell me how i can enter into happiness and joy during meditation. I am allowing my body to experience this process, i am allowing my mind to learn this meditation to enter happiness and me, my soul already knows the process. I am allowing it to teach my body and mind.Thank you soul.

The universal process is now telling me that my mind is going to learn listening and most importantly to recognize the universe, the god and the inner voice which is me.The sense of awareness, knowing everything and enjoying. Day by day i am becoming actionable, i am learning the different perception of my three being and harmony between fulfillment of their perception. I am 888888888888u8888888888888880808880u0u08u0u0u8u0uu0088u80u08u8u08u08uu0idh8ch8ccdcc ddcdcdc ndcugcdc dcjddbdcif9 ib9uihyrrere8yrufefi8yefe6gf8efg6gufef6usgfefbfhfhbfufytdg6gf7e98fyf8fyfihf9fbfrih8yfi98fyriufuibufhuivyvigfuiufririgiurgrriouuhhhieih  h89yf 8vhuhhvvih8hh89yhvh88888plrasr hig please god god godbgodgod god godgd hod dgddgod gdod gdodgd gdigod gdogdodgdodgdodgdodghd0dgd0dhdhdhddhdhutalkb to me tsli8rhgiifovihvhpkkejeeplehgashdsnomest kedbtfio h y i love you, i oh feelings i know the answer will come,


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