Mind- It is by default everything but still ask and let universe receive and observe the whole process
Universe – its abundant and can be anything, it arranges everything,a perfect supply system.
Soul- in process of asking and giving mind n universe may get over involved, soul reminds and restore their default stage of satisfaction and everything.Soul is a thing which has divided itself into universe,the abundant and giver,and the mind observer and chooser


Soul, mind and body(universe) parallelity

1. Soul has clarity- mind has clarity when there is no over thinking and is letting it happen.
Body has clarity when it is clean,efficient and free flowing n bulged out and ripped.
2. Soul is peaceful-mind is peaceful when it allow thought process without getting exhausted or frustrated. Body is peaceful when it laughing,having deep vision radiating comfort and charm.
3.soul is pleasing and charming.Mind is pleasing with faith of desires fullfillment and it is charming because it can convert the negative thought of people into less serving thought on the basis of relativity. It takes himself as well people from point of relativity to the other extreme going through whole in between.Body is charming as it is warm safe lovable and pleasuring.
4) soul is transparent and clear. There is no blurring, if there is energy there is energy, no blurring. So mind is transparent.there are various thoughts that are flowing n is aware about each thought and also about overlapping of thoughts known as confusion. Everything is clear which thought, basic thought, basic feeling.
5) soul is beauty, its always loving n connecting to see it. So is mind, its a beauty because of thoughts. The way it has fun, it understand things, everyone wants to talk to, to listen to engage in conversation with these thoughts. The way it pick only the main point of another person, it is done through feelings.
6) body is symmetrical , perfectly balanced, mind is symmetrical perfectly balanced with relativity. Soul is symmetrical flowing energy in all directions equally growing in all directions simultaneously.
7) soul is pure,always unaffected and it purifies everything that comes in contact with. It goes and directly connects with pure soul level. So is mind, it directly communicate with basic thought level,the basic feeling level not at secondary thought and secondary feelings, which are actually indicators. It also goes for body, it’s pure clear skin, glowing softness and warmth, strength, ripped are purity. Clean shining eyes are purity,clear confident voice is purity. Bulged out chest with ripped muscles are purity, the back muscles holding the body straight are purity, abes with clear boundaries and shape filling my mid section and holding it is purity, the lower back muscles with thin waist is purity. My penis and swollen testes are purity. My thigh muscles with bulk and strength are purity,my calves and front bones are so sexy and shaped that’s the purity. The soul of legs clean soft and hard is purity. Hairs are soft and lovable. That’s purity.
8)soul is vibrating and expanding, so is mind

About exploring women

Wat I learned..?
1. No need to use vulgar words until in person to get sexual.
2. Get to dirty words after she is used to your sexual encounters. By that I mean sex.
3. Till den use words like deep inside, down there, energy, enjoy pleasure, explode, bursting, expand, magnify, increase.
4. Ask qsn by giving choices to guide. Ex. So like it, slowly for fast ?
5. Let her enjoy each level, don’t panic, not even let her panic. Just allow her to enjoy, explore, taste, feel.
-Juices of women.
-I  am late for an appointment. But what step can we take to continue this conversation.
– hey, may be u can help me settle a debate I am having n den neg her immediately.

I am excited about today

What I am excited about, what it is that can can excite me. Yes there is, it can be meeting friends, fun with them in the class, laughing aloud can be something to be excited about, talking about dates, couples can be fun, walking through can be fun in rainy like weather, a lot of juniors can be a reason to be excited about. Beautiful girls wealthy students can be a reason to be excited about. Seeing couples, students on cycles, the bikes riding on the road girls laughing, smiling by passing can be something to be excited about. What else can there to be excited about today. I love this feeling. Its good , I let it flow love you god

What a ” challenge” is..?

Immature mind perceive something as ‘ challenge’ as a target I.e he  sees it as something to fight with. He sees it that facing a ‘ challenge’ is uncomfortable and uncomfortability is due going beyond ones limitation and ‘ going beyond limitation’ means breaking of some ‘ old habits’ that what is experienced as ‘ uncomfortability’. If we take a deeper insight into it immature mind will realize that  ‘ breaking’ habits’ means ‘ dissolving limiting thoughts’ and ‘ dissolving limiting thoughts ‘ is a process to go through. So ‘challenge’ is not something as final stage to achieve but a series of steps to through. There is never a ‘ challenge’ to face but a ‘ process’ to go through.