Peace or excitement.

If escape is the goal, peace is synonym for happiness.
If growth is the goal, excitement is the synonym for happiness.


They call you so because don’t know the word so

Dey use ” chalu” as dey don’t have the exact word for what u are
Like dey call me ” pervert” as dey don’t know d word for wat I am
As dey call me ” lazy” as dey don’t know d word for ” less doing”
Dey call me ” judgemental” as dey don’t know d word ” observer”
1. Dey always call it ” bad” as dey don’t know d word ” different”
2. Dey always call it ” selfish” as dey don’t know d word ” self conscious”
3. Dey use d word ” careless” as dey don’t know d word ” carefree”
4. Dey call it ” risk” as dey don’t know d word for ” going out of comfort zone”

The 9 amendments, path or symptoms

As being in love with a person you naturally provide protection, support, pleasure and guidance to your lover. But You can’t generate love in between you two by providing protection, support, pleasure and guidance.
Similarly, you can’t Be spiritual being by following the 9 amendments, u do the 9 amendments when you become the spiritual being. 9 amendments are the symptoms of being spiritual not the path to achieve spirituality.

More I feel as subpart and more I think situation

1. The more I feel as a subpart , more I observe the magnificent version of universe, more I see how universe is arranging things in advance and what things it has arranged, more I realize which new version is coming up n transforming into, more I go with self confidence in faith to turn let it happen reality.
2.the more I think situation, the more I feel as vast mind which is abundant its free and has nothing to loose. It choose what version it wants to observe. More I feel its here to observe, more I feel its a source of information. More I feel it exist in parallel to universe that’s how universe attract things,