Different seekings

She wants to learn, I want to feel, I want to love, wholeness, fullness. 


Thoughts, action or feelings..?

To what ‘will power’ is actually applicable to?
Is it actions, or are they pre action thoughts?  Well there is a third factor too where applying ‘will power’ would be more fruitful and light on taking decisions regarding what thought to allow and what actions to take, its the feelings.  As how you feel is more important than what you do, applying ‘will power’ to thoughts and consciously choosing the ‘feelings’ or ’emotions’ you want to have will make your ‘decision of what action too take’ much more simple and straight as then the ‘action’ won’t be decided based on its ‘upcoming’ result which not known and affected by certain outside factors too but it would be decided based on intention to continue to have those ‘feelings’ you currently have in your body.

From another dimension.

One friend to another- why are you touching a dog ?
Another friend- I touch you daily.
First friend perception- bringing him down to the level of dog.
Second friend perception- he raises the level of dog up to his friend.
Perception from another dimension- level of dog is not up and down on a vertical line, but tilt the line to a horizontal one, now they are same level but different points I.e both are different creation an done is not better or above another.